Crash Communication

Why pilots fail and managers make mistakes

Can you communicate?
Of course you can! But if so, why do we so often misunderstand each other? Why do we so often not achieve what we want to achieve? Studies show that 15-20% of company work time is lost to conflict and setbacks due to friction. In aviation, this leads to terrible accidents – in the corporate world it leads to inefficiency, losses and frustration. Break this vicious circle and raise your communication to a maximum flight level.

Discover the astonishing parallels between professional aviation and everyday corporate life. Experience in an exciting and stirring presentation how you can transfer the strategies of professional pilots into communication within your teams. Learn how Closed Loops and Rescue Questions can help you communicate better and more efficiently and avoid conflicts.


  • The four most burdensome communication barriers in business and how you can overcome them
  • Why doesn‘t he understand me? – How to prevent misunderstandings
  • Emergency Checklists and Rescue Questions – How to salvage even the worst situations
  • Fasten Your Seatbelts – Effective de-escalation of conflicts
  • Be the Captain – Leading is much more than instructing and delegating
  • Motivation – How you can find the right words

„Simply great: relaxed, funny, understandable, motivating, many visuals to provide a real show… for your whole life, not just for your career!“

Jana Specker, Commerzbank