“I have rarely laughed so heartily while reading a non-fiction book. It was refreshingly honest. Finally, someone who calls things as they are. And yet informative and understandably presented. Very reader-friendly due to the clear sections and concise graphics.”

P.M. from Duisburg

Peter Brandl: The Author

Five books – all published in several editions and translated into different languages. The year “Crash Communications” was published, it was voted one of the top 10 business books, “Hudson River” as one of the three best career books. “Communication” is now considered a standard and long-seller. With the latest book “The Future Code”, written by Peter Brandl and his partner Katja Porsch, he once again proves to be a provocative mastermind.

240 pages
ISBN 978-3990600788
€ 22,00 (D)

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Peter Brandl Kommunikation

184 pages
ISBN 978-3869366364
€ 19,90 (D) | € 20,50 (A)

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Peter Brandl Hudson River

232 pages
ISBN 978-3869365091
€ 24,90 (D)

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Peter Brandl Crash Kommunikation

256 pages
ISBN 978-3869368306
€ 19,90 (D)

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Peter Brandl Verhandeln in 30 Minuten

96 pages
ISBN 978-3869363530
€ 8,90 (D)

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Peter Brandl Crash Communication

304 pages
ISBN 978-1630478049
$ 17.95 (US)

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Peter Brandl also contributed to these books

Buch Die besten Ideen für eine Starke Persönlichkeit

384 pages
ISBN 978-3869361086

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Buch Werte 2.0

154 pages
ISBN 978-3896736512

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Buch Selbstcoaching für Piloten

160 pages
ISBN 978-3613031739

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Buch Sales Code

464 pages
ISBN 978-3864703560

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“A book about communication that contains everything you need to know. Valuable knowledge for the beginner, a welcome change for the expert communicator. Highly recommended for every horizon.”

A.M. from Hamburg