Never get lost

The art of making tough decisions

Why don‘t many people live the life they want to live? Why do so many projects fizzle out without any results? Why do we so often lose sight of our goals? And what does it take to make better decisions that are more successful over the long term?

Many projects develop an amazing momentum – but often in the wrong direction. Problems and difficulties are discussed. You go in circles and make no forward progress. Everything could be so simple: it just takes clarity and focus. But decisions must be made. In aviation, these decisions are the difference between a crash or a successful landing.

Apply the strategies of professional pilots to your projects, to your life. Learn the three navigation steps that will get you back on the path to success. Find out how to make the most of your engine‘s power, but also what‘s holding you back.


  • What holds us back, or, „Why life has no travel cancellation insurance“
  • What motivates us, or, „Finally, butterflies in your stomach again“
  • Navigation, or „Why luck alone is not enough“
  • Self-management styles, or, „Glider pilots, armchair experts and jet pilots“
  • If it were that easy, or, „How can I finally get started?“

„In my career so far, I‘ve experienced countless seminars and coaching, but not a more entertaining, authentic and humorous one.“

Andreas Dämon, Commerzbank