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Failure management and learning organization

Teams today must be able to become learning organizations. Changes now take place so quickly that there is no chance of coping with them through training plans or structured programs. „Positive Failure Culture“ – welcoming mistakes as learning opportunities – is a buzzword, but in practice, people look for culprits. This is understandable because it‘s human. However, it leads to mistakes being covered up since no one likes to be punished.

But when mistakes are covered up, it‘s impossible to learn from them. And so we continue to fall into the same traps, continue to fail due to the same mistakes and continue to rebuild over the same crap. In the economy, this costs billions – in aviation, it‘s deadly.

We need a culture where mistakes can be made. This is the only way we can break the vicious cycle of covering up and repeating mistakes. Only then can mistakes and failure really be a chance for improvement.


  • Blame culture, or, „How to turn your team into a learning organization.“
  • Solution orientation, instead of finger pointing
  • Destructive language and killer messages
  • Feedback, error databases and non-punitive reporting systems
  • If it were that easy, or, „How can I finally get started?“
  • Agility and change

„In my career so far, I‘ve experienced countless seminars and coaching, but not a more entertaining, authentic and humorous one.“

Andreas Dämon, Commerzbank